When is a good time for spaying or neutering your dog?

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Ideal Timing for Spaying or Neutering of These Breeds

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to health risks and the age at which a dog is neutered or spayed. Risks are highly dependent on breed, and for some, age at desexing doesn’t matter. This study puts the brakes on automatic early-age desexing and suggests a better alternative.



5 Subtle Signs Your Dog Dislikes Children

If your dog feels uncomfortable with newcomers, especially children, don’t expect to see the obvious signs right away, like growling, snarling or snapping. To head off an unfortunate encounter, watch for these subtle signs indicating stress may be building in your pet.



Live Near Water? Be Aware of This Deadly Fungus

Most dogs who become infected with this soil and rotting wood fungus live within a quarter mile of a river bank, lake or swamp. This unfortunate yellow Lab went swimming just once before becoming ill, only to die eight days later from the fungus. Know what to watch if symptoms appear.



The Only Sure Way to Know if Your Pet Is Immune to Disease

Did you know that vaccinations don’t always provide adequate protection against disease? There’s only one way to know for sure if your pet has the immunity he needs, but many conventional veterinarians push back vehemently against the practice. Fortunately, this may be changing.



‘Green’ up Your Indoor Space With Pet-Friendly Plants

As the days grow shorter and cooler, it’s not too soon to start planning and creating your own indoor oasis of lush greenery. Just be sure to choose wisely – many popular houseplants aren’t safe for cats and dogs. Check out these seven pet-friendly tropical plants that thrive indoors.



Author: David Diamond

David Diamond, Owner/Head Trainer: I use positive training methods and a firm, caring approach so owners and pets can learn to live together in harmony.

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