reflections on a beloved dog.

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Yesterday Carmine got his booster shots. As I was waiting, to get him back because of a lack of available rooms for examination. It felt like a dog jumped up on the bench I was sitting on.  This reminded me on how Sheena liked to sit next to me on the couch when she was afraid.  Once in the vet office she jumped on the bench and sat next to me and when a trainer came from a school as part of the field trip, she did the same.  What’s my point?  We have to take into consideration the dog’s emotions.  I don’t like dogs on the furniture but I made an axception for Sheena because I knew she was afraid and needed comforting. Imagine, a 45 pound Husky X trying to sit on your lap or getting so close they are practically sitting on your lap. For the record and for those that don’t know, Sheena died in our house March 3 of last year.   A friend helped me berry her on the property. Between Benny my last guide dog and I we helped her overcome her fear based issues of men and dogs. When on mountain runs or in the backyard, the Shepherd in her came out.  If I wondered where she was, she seemed to come out from no where and touch me with her nose.  Frequently she would be walking behind me on a trail. Once there was a perfect photo op missed.  I had a Bearded Collie on leash on my left, an off leash Bearded Collie behind me and Sheena too, off leash on my right.  It looked like I was being escourted out of the area. All were so close I could pet them very easily.  Like I said, a perfect photo op missed.

Author: David Diamond

David Diamond, Owner/Head Trainer: I use positive training methods and a firm, caring approach so owners and pets can learn to live together in harmony.

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