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Dear Fellow Dog Lover,


Have you ever wondered if it was safe to feed your dog cheese, ice cream or other dairy foods?


Well, apparently, you’re not alone.


Recently, I noticed a rather spirited debate going in our online forum.


It seems one of our members had been adding a spoonful of cottage cheese to her dog’s kibble… to help coax her into eating all her food.


But because her dog kept having gas and loose stools shortly after each meal…


She was concerned.


And she wanted to know if cottage cheese was good (or bad) for her dog.



There seems to be a lot of confusion about whether or not dairy products are safe for dogs.


If you’re one of these people, I’ve created this special report just for you.


In that article…


I’ll share the answer to 3 of the most urgent questions we get about feeding dairy products to dogs.


For example:


  1. Are cheese and ice cream goodor bad… for your dog?
  2. Why do some dogs experience digestive upset whenever they eat dairy products? While others have no problems at all?
  3. Which dairy products are easiest for a dog to digest? And which ones are most likely to cause digestive upset?


Get the answers by clicking the following link:


“Can Dogs Eat Cheese and Ice Cream?”


Facts matter. Keep learning.


Mike Sagman, Editor
The Dog Food Advisor

Saving Good Dogs From Bad Dog Food


The dog food advisory

Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

Like you… I’ve been watching in horror as the number of deadly dog food recalls that mention “aflatoxin poisoning” as the cause… has been increasing at an alarming rate.
And frankly… I’m concerned.
Not just because of the hundreds of innocent dogs that have already died
That’s bad enough.
Because only a small fraction of dog owners seem to be aware of just how dangerous this toxic contaminant can be.

Truth is…
In larger doses, aflatoxin can kill a dog… suddenly… and without warning. These are the cases you hear about the most.
What most dog owners don’t know is that…


Chronic, long-term exposure to smaller doses of aflatoxin can be just as deadly.
That’s because…
Tiny, invisible amounts of the poison can accumulate in the body… over time… and can ultimately cause liver cancer… and death… later in your dog’s life.


Which is why I published this revealing report:


Aflatoxin… Avoiding the Deadliest Natural Toxin in Dog Food
In that article, I answer these crucial questions…

  1. How does aflatoxin get into your dog’s food?
  2. What makes it so dangerous?
  3. Which dog food ingredients are the ones most likely to contain aflatoxin?
  4. What’s the one type of dog food that’s never had an aflatoxin recall?
  5. What can you do right now… to significantly lower your dog’s risk of aflatoxin poisoning?

Read the article here.


Please help spread the word. And share this important article with other dog lovers.


Keep learning.


Mike Sagman, Editor
The Dog Food Advisor

Saving Good Dogs From Bad Dog Food